money orders

These are the questions that MEMO agents and prospective
agents most frequently ask their sales representative.

Questions About Money Orders

Who buys money orders?
How many money orders can I sell?
How much money can I make selling money orders?

Agent Questions

What is the maximum dollar amount for which a money order can be printed?
What should I do with my money order store copies?
Can I void a money order?
Can I cash a money order?
Where are MEMO money orders accepted?
Can I change my retail money order sale price?
Can I order new signs?
What do I do if a customer's money order is lost or stolen?
Do I need a broadband connection?
Do I need a dedicated phone line?
Who do I call if I have problems with my money order dispenser/terminal?
As an agent, how must I comply with anti-money laundering guidelines?
What makes me a money services business?
How can I increase my money order sales?
May I pay vendors with money orders?

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